Prepare Print Posters For Professional Printing

Plate ready film is used to make the plates your printer will print your catalog with. Cover Ink: There are two types of ink to choose from for your cover. Cover Stock: This is the heavier paper used for the cover of your catalog. When you use white text typically you have a darker background ie black or red. This is known as a reverse out. White in advertising can be used for charitable organizations, dairy products, doctors, hospitals, low calorie foods, medical products, and nursing. But, convention is not always a rule to be strictly adhered to. With performance improving rapidly, printing photographs with a laser printer is becoming more and more common. Both colour and monochrome images can be printed, but some image types produce better prints than others. Now you know how to prepare your color posters for professional printing. You should have little problems now in creating your full color posters. From the time that the hot-type presses were used to the current day computer technology, Bryton Printing continues the tradition of providing an excellent quality service for customers at highly competitive and cost-effective pricing rates.

Output Ready Disk: This is a disk you provide to your printer as a complete product. The only thing they need to do is convert it from digital to analog film. The disk should contain a separate folder for images and one for fonts. Today using color in your publications now is more affordable than ever. You can use desktop printers, color copiers, or if you want a higher quality you can send your four color artwork (which is the way commercial printers print color) to an online color printing company. Iif you wish to save money search for a source for high quality, low cost, four color printing. Red is a very emotional color. It enhances the human metabolism, it raises blood pressure, and also increases respiration rate.

It is very highly visible, one of the reasons we use red as on traffic lights, in on fire trucks and equipment. Pantone produces color guides for artists, designers, and printers. Screens are dots of ink. You can easily see this when you look at a most newspaper photographs up close and you will see dots of ink. This can be raised print or a logo, etc. Foil Stamp: This is where your printer creates a die that is used to stamp metallic gold, silver, or other colored material onto your catalog pages or cover. Fold Type: Whether your catalog will be folded in half from top to bottom, folded left to right like a magazine, or tri-folded like a brochure. If you have a fast internet connection, you might want to also include a full .bmp image that is larger usually but has the best quality.

When you need a solid black color for large coverage on a page at most printers prefer to use Rich Black. It’s best to check with your printer to see how they create Rich Black. Red is also found in many national flags. Text and images in red brings them to the foreground. It is used an accent color to encourage people to make a rapid decisions. Dark green is linked with ambition, greed, and jealousy. Olive green is the color of peace. Hence the olive branch. Try to download free poster templates to know what the standard poster printing dimensions are. Do not forget to include bleeds. It is also important to add printing bleeds to your draft in preparation for poster printing. It symbolizes ambition, luxury, nobility and power. Purple expresses extravagance and wealth. Purple is linked with creativity, dignity, independence, magic, mystery, and wisdom. Use green in ever tightening advertising drugs and medical products to indicate the safety.