The psychology of colors

The psychology of colors and what they mean Red Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is linked with danger, determination , energy, power and strength, as well as desire, love, and passion. Red is a very emotional color. It enhances the human metabolism, it raises blood pressure, and also increases respiration rate. Plate ready film is used to make the plates your printer will print your catalog with. Cover Ink: There are two types of ink to choose from for your cover. Cover Stock: This is the heavier paper used for the cover of your catalog.

Blackt is considered to be very elegant and formal ie a black tie event. Black in heraldry represents grief. In advertising Black is typically used for text its easy-to-read and highly visible when on a white or light colored background. From the time that the hot-type presses were used to the current day computer technology, Bryton Printing continues the tradition of providing an excellent quality service for customers at highly competitive and cost-effective pricing rates. The company takes great pride in the quick turnarounds that the dramatic advancement in technology can provide. Bryton Printing offers an unsurpassed quality service for color printing in Orange County to supply customers with their requirements for digital brochures, and all other printed materials.

Green suggests stability and endurance. Green linked with lack of experience; for example, we use ‘greenhorn’ as a novice. In heraldry, green is linked with growth and hope. If you combine blue and red you get the color violet. Why do you even have two color spaces? The more light you add the whiter your screen becomes. Screens are dots of ink. You can easily see this when you look at a most newspaper photographs up close and you will see dots of ink.

Trust me when I say this. Trim Size Folded: This is the final size you want your catalog to be. Trim Size Folded is the term the printer uses to ask you the final outcome size you desire. Always remember that the width is always given before the length or height. When you combine blue and red you get violent. When you combine yellow and blue you get green. When designing for commercial printers it is best to create your artwork to be used in four color process. Scanning in a image or photo that has already been printed will cause problems due to the screens and what’s called a moirĂ© pattern.

Men usually perceive yellow as a very lighthearted, ‘childish’ color, so it is not recommended to use yellow when selling prestigious, expensive products to men -men typically will not buy a yellow business suit or a yellow Mercedes. Yellow is an unstable and spontaneous color, so avoid using yellow if you want to suggest stability and safety. Green is directly related to nature, so you can use it to promote ‘green’ products. Dull, darker green is commonly associated with money, banking, financial world, and Wall Street.